Humbugs - Coffee, Cake and Craft!

More Than Just A Coffee Shop!

We created Humbugs Coffee and Crafts to allow us to have a space to bring two things we love together….

Yes! Coffee and Crafts!

It was always our dream to own a coffee shop, and to provide a space within the community we could really make our own.

Around this time last year we were just getting ready to open up the doors of our brand new coffee shop!

Screenshot 2018-11-08 at 13.29.28

Since then we have moved from strength to strength providing unusual crafts to complete whilst having one of our warm drinks. Some of the crafts we have supported so far are –

– Jewellery Making
– Decoupage
– Screen Printing
– Knitting

We even ran a Maths support club to help the community with their Maths exams!

We would love to hear form you what you would like us to do over the next 12 months.

Contact Us!


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